Friday, December 12, 2014

manufacturer of high precision Flanged Bobbin

Deluxe Engineering established in 1990 by Bipin Malvania and Babu Patel manufacturing Flanged Bobbin for Doubling and Twisting industries, is the First Indian company having ISO 9001 since 2007 in production of Flanged bobbin, We make high precision flanged bobbin in tight tolerance,these are dynamically balanced and are subject to strict quality inspection suitable for any ring dia. Twisting and doubling industries for various applications. The flanged bobbins are used mainly for yarn twisting machines such as Fishnet twine industries, nylon tyre cord yarn industries, UP twisters, rewinders, ring dubling, ring twisters.
Our Company is equipped with latest precision technical equipments to control quality products. The Quality Control is exercised from selecting raw materials till the finished products.
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